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Fri, 06/09/2023 - 20:19

The SCORF Board is offering the opportunity for political subdivisions to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI), rather than an application, to develop comprehensive long-term opioid remediation plans.

This is an opportunity for political subdivisions to bring together stakeholders to prioritize addressing the opioid crisis in their communities and develop a community action plan based on the approved opioid abatement strategies.

Political subdivisions must submit a Letter of Intent to develop and implement a community action plan to the Board seeking $25,000 of their allocated funds to support the development of the community action plan. This Letter of Intent must be signed by a chief elected official or chief administrative official for the political subdivision.

This Approved Abatement Strategy is in line with this initiative.

J. Leadership. Planning and Coordination

1. Statewide, regional, local, or community regional planning to identify root causes of addiction and overdose, goals for reducing harms related to the opioid epidemic, and areas and populations with the greatest needs for treatment intervention services, and to support training and technical assistance and other strategies to abate the opioid epidemic described in this opioid abatement strategy list.

The Letters of Intent will be reviewed and approved by SCORF staff and should be submitted by email to Political subdivisions must submit developed plans to the SCORF Board 6 months post award.

This is an open-ended opportunity as there is no deadline for submission. A political subdivision may make this request once every 3 years.

Political subdivisions may apply for GPS funds, if needed, during the planning process when the portal is open and accepting applications.

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